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Beginner's Guide
This is perfect for you if you're just getting started and don't know where to begin

  • Choose this option to learn HOW to dispute
All-Access Pass$147

Omni Letters
Sometimes, all you need is something simple to get the job done. These are NOT templates

  • Choose this option to CREATE your disputes using drag and drop with Word or copy/paste with other programs.
Unlimited Letter Creation $77

Dispute Funnel Workshop
Find out how to get faster results, higher scores and an overall shorter dispute duration

  • This workshop replay shows you how to legally and effectively reuse dispute reasons
Learn the Secret Loophole $47

Launching Soon

I am super excited about the new playbook coming out! This is a mobile app that includes a compilation of cheat sheets and allows you to add your own as well! This includes dispute reasons, violations, account types and more. Want to receive updates on the launch? CLICK HERE

Videos to help you grow, videos to help you get in the know

The EvolutionLine Method webinar will be free. I’ve added 4-5 upsells on it though! You’ll see those appear here as well once the product launches

I’m creating an app that uses interactive learning to teach you the right way to dispute using factual disputes by testing your knowledge. 

I’m building it in a quiz-layout so that if you choose the wrong answer, you will automatically receive the correct answer !


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