Dispute-Specific Letters


The letter text is too long for the column, so these are only previews. I might have a solution for this soon but for right now, you will need to access in Sheets.

Go to the “living doc” here (Google Sheet -> ***make a copy under “file”). This is where you will be able to access the live, updated-in-real-time letters and be able to copy the ones you want directly from there.

1 INCORRECT PERSONAL INFO Hello there! I recently read through a copy of my credit report and I saw addresses on there that are not correct. I looked up your website and I have enclosed the roof of current address that you require. The only address that should be listed is shown a
2 UNAUTHORIZED INQUIRY The FCRA states that the only permissible purpose for pulling someone’s credit report is a) firm offer of credit b) insurance c) a court order. d) employment. I recently pulled a copy of my credit report and noticed inquires that I did not authorize and d
3 ROUND 2 INQUIRY DISPUTE I have sent many prior requests to your company to reinvestigate several inquiries that I believe to be incorrect on my credit report. Aren’t you required to complete these investigations within 30 days of receipt? I have heard of companies pulling people
4 ROUND 3 INQUIRY DISPUTE-INTENT TO SUE This is my last and final letter to your non-compliant company before I file suit against all parties involved. FYI, it is a crime to threaten suit with no intention of actually filing suit, so be advised…I have every intention of following through with t
5 REQUEST FOR VERIFICATION I am writing this letter to you regarding the accounts listed below. I do not have any such account with that company and I have tried to dispute it directly with the company, to no avail. I am requesting that you please provide me with all verification r
6 REQUEST VERIFICATION WHEN NO ANSWER FROM CA I desperately need some help resolving the situation at hand!! I reviewed my credit report and noticed an incorrect entry being listed in the collections section. I mailed a letter asking for validation of the alleged debts against me reporting on the acc
7 INACCURATE INFORMATION DISPUTE - LETTER C This is a written request that you investigate specific items that I believe to be reported in error. These items are not correct and are causing me financial and emotional distress because of their derogative nature. The listed items are completely inacc
8 REQUESTING THE REMOVAL OF INACCURATE INFORMATION This letter is to be taken as my formal complaint that you are reporting inaccurate credit information on my credit file. I am quite miffed that you have included the following information on my credit report. These inaccurate items are not only embarrass
9 ROUND 2 DISPUTE INACCURATE INFORMATION Let this letter serve as formal notice that you have failed to respond to my dispute letter. As you can see, I am keeping careful records in regards to this matter. It has been well over the 30 days allowed by federal law for you to respond. Your failure
10 ROUND 2 DISPUTE-NO RESPONSE TO FIRST DISPUTE Please be advised that this is my SECOND REQUEST for you to remove incorrect and inaccurate information from my personal credit report. I received no response to my initial letter. It is my understanding of the law that you must complete any request for r
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