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Why should you join the beta coaching program?

I’ve launching the beta coaching program and I am calling it (more than likely), the DisputeIQ Mastery Beta Coaching. This will be hybrid coaching and I will be choosing a small group of individuals (<50) for this beta program. You’ll have access to the DisputeIQ Mastery Community as well as the advanced DisputeIQ Master Vault with recorded video and resources. We’ll get to know each other when we meet live each month and hone your skills and target those results! *Note that this is ⚓️ group coaching and not 1:1 ⚓️
This will include (but will not be limited to):
❓ Q&A’s during the live meetings
🎥 Overcoming your personal dispute obstacles
💦 How to increase your DisputeIQ
🌊 How to engage your leads and increase your revenue
✈️ How to use the EvolutionLine Method to skyrocket your results
🗽 How to use the Dispute Funnel to maximize score potential and Set the Follow Up (Mastering)
and more! This will be everything you need and none of the 💩 you don’t

〽️ Strategy #1: Helps You Maximize Your Dispute Process For Results

📖 Strategy #2: Gets You More Confidence In Your Dispute Ability
💮 Strategy #3: Makes It Easy To Define Your Biggest Obstacle And Crush It 
📚 Strategy #4: Gives You The Strategies You Need To Funnel Each Client To The Target Credit Score
💯 Strategy #5: Avoid The Biggest Mistakes That Virtually All Companies Make With Credit Repair
🍩 Strategy #6: The Real SECRET For Getting Virtually All Negative Items Removed
⌨️ Strategy #7: How To Remove Negative Items For Clients And Achieve Their Target Scores
🤘 Strategy #8: Effortlessly Target The Dispute Reason Most Likely To Delete Or Update The Account
🏅 Strategy #9: Quickly Leave Behind The Chains That Hold You Back From FU Money
🎆 Strategy #10: Escape The Pain Of Having To Spend Weeks Or Months Figuring It Out Yourself
🧿 Strategy #11: Discover The Secrets The Pros Use To Make A Ton Of Money Help Clients Leave Bad Credit Behind
🔮 Strategy #12: STOP Worrying About The Process And Focus On Just Helping Your Clients 


$199 per month

14-day conditional money-back guarantee

How It Works

  1. Fill out THIS form to let me know why you would like to join and what your biggest  obstacle is
  2. Submit payment on this page (that you are currently on)
  3. I will manually invite you to the exclusive community via email. Text me at 845-481-0780 for expedited access after successful payment . Include name, payment email and “coaching access”
  4. You will receive instructions on the community page foir the live schedule as well as everything  else!

*The very first thing you will be doing is filling out a survey. The program deliverables (Master Vault) will include videos and resources based on the needs of the group and will  be dripped based on #1 – agenda and #2 – needs of the  group (via the survey)

Conditional 14-day money-back guarantee:

I’ll refund your full $199 if you decide this program is not for you BUT, you must be present at the first 2 live meetings (or watch recordings), do the entrance survey and funnel training to qualify. After 14 days, I will not offer a refund. 

Looking Ahead

I’m shooting for a launch party on Monday or Wednesday (notification will be sent out via email) and I’ll also send out a full promotion tomorrow, Sunday, once the payment link is live.

I’ve been turning this over and over in my head and have decided that the beta will be the investment listed below and that I’ll be capping it at a hard 50 capacity. We’re doing this because I want to build a real relationship with you and find out how I can help you.
I’m looking for individuals that already have credit repair knowledge, but are struggling to reach the results they’ve set and this is more targeted to towards businesses than individuals. This doesn’t mean a consumer (for your own credit report) can’t sign up; it means it’s better-suited for those with clients. We will be meeting live 1-2 times per month and I’ll be building the online resource center based on the needs of the group. 
You’ll receive access to the survey I’ve created at the launch party (*or via email if you can’t make it) and it’ll cover very specific questions to convey your current obstacles. If you can’t make it to any of the live meetings, they will all be recorded and available in the exclusive community. 
I look forward to being a part of your journey!   
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