Thanks for grabbing StealthInvader!

Your StealthTracker access can be found using the button below


🦄 You can do a light edit the letter you choose by adding, removing or changing the text as needed before you hit "submit". You'll do a full edit, customization and print/save in the StealthDoc Editor by copying the resulting text and pasting into the editor. *Click on the "Open Editor" link at the bottom of the page after clicking on submit.

🚀You'll enter your date of birth, address and social yourself once you receive your letter inside the StealthDoc Editor. Your submission is deleted upon submit and the StealthDoc Editor doesn't store info.

*If you don't provide a valid email, you will NOT receive your dispute letter copy via email.

🎯 You've been provided the option to include a creditor, account # and dispute reason.  This is optional and not all letters require it.                                                                                                                                                       

Step 2

After you complete your letter and hit the blue “submit” button. Copy the resulting letter and click on the green “Open Editor” button. Paste your letter, edit, print, done!

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