Dispute Reason Database Gen 1 & 2


⚡️ This is a comprehensive list of dispute reasons spanning ✨ multiple categories to use with basically any negative item type.

🌠 You can either go through all 🌟 300+ reasons using the links at the bottom of the page OR you can identify the negative item type (i.e. collection 3rd party, bankruptcy, etc. ) and only download or print the selected type.

To print/export all dispute reasons, use one of the print/export options and print all pages.

***Gen 2 is being updated and will total ~ 500 dispute reasons and 300 letters

Issues? support@thevegasmovement.com

Generation wdt_ID Type Reason
Gen 1 1 COLLECTIONS – 3RD PARTY unknown collection
Gen 1 2 COLLECTIONS – 3RD PARTY not mine
Gen 1 3 COLLECTIONS – 3RD PARTY belongs to someone else
Gen 1 4 COLLECTIONS – 3RD PARTY section 609 states that you're required to send me the paperwork associated with this account. Furnish or remove
Gen 1 5 COLLECTIONS – 3RD PARTY you didn't send anything to prove ownership
Gen 1 6 COLLECTIONS – 3RD PARTY I need to see all paperwork associated with this account
Gen 1 7 COLLECTIONS – 3RD PARTY how can you say that you verified this account when I haven't even heard back from the collection agency?
Gen 1 8 COLLECTIONS – 3RD PARTY simply stating that this is a verified account doesn't change the fact that I don't know what it is or why it is on my credit report! I need to see everything you've "verified" this account with
Gen 1 9 COLLECTIONS – 3RD PARTY section 623 states that if an account can possibly be inaccurate, there must be an address conspicuously listed and if not, this account cannot report
Gen 1 10 COLLECTIONS – 3RD PARTY section 623 states that the creditor cannot continue to report it when disputed, unless they have proof to the contrary
Generation Type Reason
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